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Created Feb 20, 2010 16:37:11
Last Updated Aug 18, 2011 02:05:08
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First, let me introduce X GXT Editor. XGE is a modding tool to modify GXT files of both GTA SA and GTA IV with a bunch of sub-tools that make it an advanced nextgeneration tool.

Understanding GXT Files

GXT is nothing but like a book. Books have chapters, while GXT’s have tables. Book Chapters have lessons, while GXT Tables have items. The difference in GXT is each item has its own unique number or unique identity or also known as CRC. No matter which table contains the item, it must have a unique CRC in the entire GXT file.

Tables were created for better management, like your ‘My Documents’ folder for instance holds your documents and your My Pictures folder holds your photos, Music files
in Music folder etc. Folders are just for management, you can put all the files in a single folder and it’ll work but it will also give you a huge headache when you try to find files in future. It’s exactly the same with GXT, except it has tables instead of folders. Each item in the GXT table has a unique number as I wrote above. That number is generated by hashing the name of the item which is also unique.

Now you may be thinking, why 2 unique IDs for a single item? Well because name is string and it can be any length, so if the game engine compare string with string (name with name) it will take more time than comparing a number with number. Now another question may arise that why not use only number? Yes it could be only numbers, but for human brains numbers are quite confusing.

Example: Name is DOUBLE_FOO and the generated hash number from it is 933455453. Now which one can you remember, the name or the number? Of course it’s the name. If you don’t remember any of them then you seriously need help and get your brain rewired.

Now the good news is XGE does the hashing automatically and thus you only need to concentrate on the item’s name. Let’s say we need to use an item in either main.scm or IPL, we simple use its name and not its CRC. The game engine hashes that name automatically, searches the GXT and draws on the screen. So we need to only concentrateon item’s name and its text.

Using X GXT Editor

And now, through this guide, I’m going to show you how to use XGE.

We will start from opening a GXT file. And I’m pretty sure you know how to do that. But in a case you do not know then just click on File > Open or simply press Ctrl + O.

You can make it more easier if you associate GXT files with XGE. Then all you will need to do is double-click on the GXT file and it opened. To associate, click ‘Edit > Associate GXT Files’ or press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A.
And if you have open the GXT file, next part is “Working with GXT Tables”. You can
Add, Delete, Rename tables, Just right click on tables’ list and choose your option.

NOTE : Table name cannot be more than 8 characters long. So do not get annoyed if XGE doesn’t let you doit.

Next, when you select a table, all the items in it will appear on the right side. You can add, delete, edit, copy, paste items. To edit an item, either you double-click on it or right-click > Edit.

To copy items, you can simply select as much as items you want, right-click > Copy. And then can paste in any other GXT file.
NOTE : If you paste more than 200 items, it will ask you 2 questions

  • Q 1. Would you like to disable the validation ?

    XGE checks that is item’s CRC value exists in GXT or not whenever you add or update
    an item. Since you are pasting too many items, it may slower in some PCs. So they
    can disable the validation by pressing Yes. And it will disable the validation temporarily.

  • Q2. Would you like to disable the addition in private hash collection ?

    XGE adds the name attached with CRC in private hash tables collection whenever you
    add or update an item and only if that doesn’t exists in global hash table collection.
    And this checking process may take time.

    XGE have 2 collections for hash tables, one is global for each game (SA & IV)
    and second is private for each GXT file. XGE creates a private hash table’s collection
    in each GXT file it modifies. Read FAQs for more info about hash table collection.

Edit : No more require in V.2.2, its fast enough :)

--- Rest will be written as soon as I get time ---


Q. What is Hash Table Collection ?

A. -not yet written, todo-

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