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Re:Have any suggestion or bug ? Post in this forum Straight Link
January 09, 2014 00:45:37      Posted in : Have any suggestion or bug ? Post in this forum #166
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Hey I have this problem..
I keep finding broken characters and cars.
I use cheat menuv3 to bring up all the skins and cars until it crashes and i fix the crash.
But every single time... it'll corrupt another one..
Lets say theres a broken character, i fix it.. and then a working character will become corrupted/broken
same thing will happen w2ith the cars...

I'm only at 3.1 GB not breaking the 4 GB limit
No idea what is going on. its never happened before and now its just consistently failing
Oh and after the cutscenes I have a black screen but I'm back in game. I can hear myself shooting guns and the world working but the screen is all black. Please help!
I will be emailing you too. so you can reply here or my email.


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