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fastest and easiest way
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Created Nov 30, 2008 22:02:19
Last Updated Jan 28, 2013 20:38:04
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Required things :

Autodesk 3ds max 9
IMG Manger V.1.5
X Scripts V.1.5
X Radar Editor

Hello guys, through this tutorial we gonna learn how to make realistic radars for GTA SA in fastest and easiest way.

First of all extract the required dffs and textures in one folder and run 3ds Max 9, now we need to import the IPL. To do this, run 'X Script Manager' and then click on 'X Importer' next click on 'Import IPL' and rest is up to your common sense.

Importing IPL may take several minutes, depends on your pc performance. When IPL imported, open 'Customize' menu and select 'Configure User Paths...', in 'External Files' tab add the texture path. When done, do not forget to check the path you have just added(this is buggy in vista, you need to select any subdirectory to add the parent directory).

Next, run 'X Radar Maker' script. Select the 'Target Directory'. Now we have 2 choices. First if you need to render all 144 images then just click on 'Generate Radars' and Second is if you need some specified radar(s) then just enter radar index(es) (if there are indexes then use (,) comma as splitter and do not use any space) and press the button under it.

When done, close 3ds max and run 'X Radar Editor', click on 'Import' >> 'Import Tile(s)' >> Select all those exported images from 3ds max.

Now, click on 'Export' >> 'Export Tiles' >> 'As TXDs' >> 'Exists' and make a new folder and save in it (folder MUST be empty).

Next, open gta3.img in IMG Manager, click 'Edit' >> 'Bulk Replace' and select that folder where you just exported the txd.

Rebuild the archive.


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- nikhil | Aug 20, 2009 14:40:47

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