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Created Apr 28, 2010 00:38:08
Last Updated Apr 28, 2010 02:17:23
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GameInfo.xml files contains all knowns GTA games info, if no info matches... XGE will ask user to select game if user denies, XGE will try to open it but unable to save the GXT. Here is all details about it

GI - Attributes

  • Name : Name of Info
  • Path : Path of static HashTable file collection (should be in static folder)
  • ImageName : File name of image (16 x 16), can be gif, png or jpg. Must be in Images folder
  • CRCType : Type of CRC Hashing, 0 for GTA SA's, 1 for GTA 4's

GI - Child Nodes

Tables : Unique tables' names of the GXT.


Assume we are going to make a total conversion mod for GTA IV. Since we will start from scratch, we won’t need old content of GXT except UI texts. And we can delete all useless tables and left only the required ones. But it may possible that XGE will unable to recognise that cleaned GXT and will keep ask you to select which game’s GXT is this and that’s annoying. What else you can do is write your own game info.

Now, we add a new table to that GXT for our TC mod with ‘ABCD’ name. So the GameInfo will be like this
  <GI Name="GTA IV : My TC Mod" Path="static\gta_iv.tdc" ImageName="gta_4_mtc_16_16.png" CRCType="1">

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