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How do you create a custom "fonts.dat" for GTA IV? stephil
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How do you create a custom "fonts.dat" for GTA IV? Straight Link
July 22, 2018 00:10:04      #206
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Hello, everyone! I'm new user on the forum, but I need to get straight to the point here.

I've started to translate some parts of the game to the Serbian language, I've used XGXT editor, I've created .XCS file that had ŠÐŽ (so on) pair of Serb writing letter, but when I open the game... Nothing on the main menu As example, in-game, "joke" is "šala" on Serb, but in game is " ala". Letter "š" is not presented in-front of "ala", I don't get it?

Can someone explain me this? I would like to do something with this game, childhood game sort of, but I can't get this thing above my head to keep it up

Thank you!

- Edited by stephil | July 22, 2018 00:12:47
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